A first visit to the western town of Wangdue Phodrang during the puja vacation

A first visit to the western town of Wangdue Phodrang during the puja vacation


Traveling at any time of the year or month is enjoyable but if it is during puja vacation then it gives the immense pleasure of exploring the place for a longer time.

Durga Puja is the biggest festival of Bengal

Durga Puja,being one of the major festivals of West Bengal is celebrated throughout the country with great joy and happiness. It is a momentous event for the Bengalis and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto across the world, but especially in the part of West Bengal. The occasion commemorated the profound power of Goddess Durga and the huge pandals displaying huge idols of Goddess Durga win the hearts of all the visitors.

A travel to Wangdue Phodrang in Durga Puja vacation

If you are planning a vacation to some offbeat place for the first time then Wangdue Phodrang in Bhutan will surely give you the full experience of fantastic weather, gorgeous mountain views. You will get the view of fine bamboo products, slate and stone carvings to make it one of the most favorite destinations for you to visit during your puja vacation.

Access to reach Wangdue:

By Flight: After landing at the Paro International Airport and then transfer to Wangdue Phodrang by hiring a car or taxi. By Car: If you want to travel directly to Wangdue Phodrang from Siliguri it will take almost 10 hours 7 minutes via Phuentsholing-Thimphu highway. It is located at a distance of 384 kilometers. You can even break your journey till Phuentsholing and then travel the next day for Wangdue. By Train: There is only one access to travel to Bumthang. You would take a train from Kolkata or Hasimara, then transfer to the border town of Jaigaon by taxi, and then crossover to the border town of Phuentsholing and proceed to get the permits and then transfer to Wangdue Phodrang.

Best places to be listed while visiting Wangdue Phodrang:

1. Radak Neykhang:

 It is one of the oldest lhakhangs in Bhutan. This monastery houses over 70 monks and also has a monastic door. By the tall cypress tree, this eternal seventeenth-century asylum focused on an old-fashioned warrior.


Head defenders, cutting edges and shields Five versions of the god Radrap A statue of an area of Tshomen water soul

2. Eight Chorten:

 The Eight Chortens commemorate eight different events in Buddha�s life and each is slightly different from the others. The Chorten is likewise a standout amongst the most imperative hallowed places in the Buddhist custom and is a protest or support of love.


You can get the various Chortens like

  • Desheg Chorten
  • Changchub Chorten
  • Choekhor Choten
  • Chotrul Chorten
  • Lhabab Chorten
  • Yendum Chorten
  • Namgyal Chorten
  • Nyende Chorten

3. Phobjikha Valley:

 It is a bowl-shaped glacial valley on the western slopes of the Black Mountains. This place is also referred to as Gangtey, after the Goemba that sits on the ridge above the valley.


Gangtey Gompa Black-necked cranes

4. Archery Ground:

 Archery Ground is one of the famous tourist attractions here. As Archery is a popular sport here you can see people trying archery when the Dzong reopens.


Archery competitions at this ground

5. Wangdue Phodrang Dzong:

 This Dzong was built in 1639 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, it caught fire in 2012 and the rebuilding is still going on. It is said to be completed by 2021.


Po Chhu and Mo Chhu Centre of Monk body

Puja vacation to explore Wangdue Phodrang in Bhutan

Wangdue is one of the best districts of Bhutan. It is one of the most alluring places o visit and the locals are so friendly that they will help you in each and every possible way. So, do not miss the beauty of Wangdue Phodrang and experience its charm by planning a tour in this upcoming puja vacation.

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