A Brief Idea about Telecom Services in Bhutan That You Must Know

A Brief Idea about Telecom Services in Bhutan That You Must Know


Reckoned as one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan tucked in Eastern Himalayas and blanked in a mysterious fog and magical beauty.

Bhutan �Hamlet of Mystery�

 Bhutan, also known as �Land of Thunder Dragon�, a sovereign state in South Asia, is an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. It attracts uncountable tourists from across the globe by its untouched mountains, serenity, and vibrancy. The magical beauty of Himalaya, fun loving local people, widening roads with no traffic lights, and a unique blend of the ancient & modern culture, all these factors together makes Bhutan endlessly fascinating. Such is the mystical beauty of this place compels you to take out the camera and bring out the inner photographer in you.

How is Mobile & Internet Network connectivity in Bhutan?

It is a very common question that arises in everyone�s mind while traveling to Bhutan. Bhutan is one of the most enduring tourist destinations to experience the Himalayan mountain region. Mobile or internet connectivity is good in big towns, like Thimphu, Paro, Trongsa, Bumthang etc.

Does Airtel Network work in Bhutan?

Only Airtel with international roaming works in Bhutan. This network gets automatically registered on Tashicell/BT Mobile networks. However, it may charge a huge bill.

Does Vodafone work in Bhutan?

Yes, it might work in Bhutan and gets automatically registered on Tashicell/BT Mobile networks.

Can anyone use Jio Sim in Bhutan?

No, Jio Sim does not work in Bhutan at all.

What about the BSNL network connectivity in Bhutan?

For BSNL network, you have to activate international roaming on it. It automatically gets convert either Tashicell or BT Mobile networks.

Get a Bhutanese Local Sim-

Using your cell phone in Bhutan can be expensive for you, so it is better to switch a local SIM card of Bhutan to take advantage of better deals. Bhutan has some best prepaid SIM cards with deals that can really reduce your bills. There are two main cell phone operators in Bhutan: B-Mobile and Tashi Cell. You can buy those Sim cards by paying 100 rupees only and showing either a Passport or a Voter ID copy. A Call or SMS to India from Bhutan will cost INR 5/ minute. You can buy 1GB of data at just INR 150 to get the 3G service.

Public Call Offices & Internet Caf� in Bhutan-

 Public call offices are becoming rarer throughout the country, as the mobile service is generally excellent. Local calls cost around INR 50 per minute. There are few internet cafes in Thimphu town who charge Rs.50 for half an hour.

Better to take local one, instead of your own-

Bhutan is a place where international Airtel and Vodafone network works very well but with huge bill charges. And most 3 star hotels in Bhutan have free Wi-Fi but the connection might be slow depending on the number of users. So be smart and go with the modern trends!! Take a local Sim from Bhutan to get connect with your dear ones without any disturbance of network problems.

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