7 Travel Tips You Should Keep In Mind When Traveling In Bhutan

7 Travel Tips You Should Keep In Mind When Traveling In Bhutan


�Remember the happiness that you have been getting from the trip - not the destination�

Bhutan- �Hamlet of Happiness�!!

 Bhutan, also known as Last Shangri La, may seem like an easy holiday destination for you, especially if you are traveling from India. It is well known that Indians don�t even need a passport to enter this country. And for this helping facility, you might take things lightly and end up skipping the essential information that a tourist must have. Bhutan travel tips will give you important information regarding Bhutan which you must know before embarking on your trip.

Some Travel tips that Indian Tourist must take care of:

We will give you detailed information about Bhutan. These necessary tips will not only help you have a memorable holiday but also diminishes your planning efforts. So, let�s check out-

1. Plan during the festivals

 As Bhutan is well known for its rich culture and tradition in the world, so there is not a better time to visit this country than when it is celebrating festivals. Some popular festivals in Bhutan are Thimphu Tshechu Festival, Paro Tshechu Festival, Haa Summer Festival etc.

2. Don�t forget woolen garments

The weather of Bhutan is very unpredictable, so you should carry woolens garments in your backpack which will save you from the sudden drop in temperature. However, it�s suggested that you should wear those clothes that go with the country�s culture.

3. Consider a homestay!!

 To witness Bhutan�s heritage & cultural life, it is advisable to stay in a homestay for getting an insight into the traditions of the country as you connect with local people during your stay.

4. Tobacco Products Banned But There Is Something Else!!

Bhutan is a country, where all the tobacco products are totally banned. Clearly, so if you�re trying to buy or sell tobacco products in Bhutan, you have faced many serious problems. You can borrow some tobacco products with you before getting for Bhutan trip.

5. Indian Rupees Are Not Accepted Like Before!!

The most essential that you must know is about the currency. Bhutanese currency is Ngultrum (Nu.) and this country is not accepted the Indian Rupees. And ATMs facilities are available only in prominent towns from where you can withdraw local currency Ngultrum, but in limited quantity.

6. Opt for Handicrafts, not for antiques!!

 The administrative system of Bhutan strictly prohibits the export of any antique. So, if you don�t want to get punished, you should don�t go for it and you should buy only handicrafts from the market.

7. Get knowledge about a few phrases in Dzongkha!!

The official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha. However, you will get numerous English-speaking guides as well as drivers easily; it is advisable to learn a little bit of Dzongkha for interacting with the shopkeepers as well as the locals.

Keep all the information in mind for Bhutan trip

Bhutan is known to be the happiest country in the world for having astonishing mountain views, serene monasteries, and rich culture. Having many royal families and cultured people, you must obey as well as follow all the tips when you are traveling in Bhutan. And make your trip memorable for the lifetime!

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