6 Essential travel tips to know while traveling to Bhutan as a solo female traveler

6 Essential travel tips to know while traveling to Bhutan as a solo female traveler


Looking for some quiet time for yourself in some unknown and a whole new destination? Then Bhutan is a good opportunity to discover and achieve that balance in life.

Bhutan- A perfect destination for solo travel:

Bhutan lies deep within the Western Himalayas and it provides a mesmerizing mix of old-world charm and glorious landscapes. It is a nation forgotten to time and it is often described as the happiest land on the Earth. As it is known as the land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan has many delights and it has attracted a lot of tourists with a beautiful array of cultural heritage and beautiful mountains.

A female solo traveler in Bhutan:

Previously, men always used to accompany women while traveling to an unknown country or city. But nowadays, women are more updated and are educated to travel alone in any part of the world. It is a basic thinking that traveling alone is not fun but it is not right. If you travel alone you can spend time alone with yourself and get better opportunities for exploring new places on your own. But is it actually ideal for solo travel to Bhutan for a female? Let us see how.

Why Bhutan is ideal for a solo female traveler?

 The land of happiness, Bhutan is the safest place for solo female travelers. Hidden within the mighty Himalayas even the seasoned travelers feel privileged to visit Bhutan. But there are few reasons for which Bhutan is considered safe or ideal for solo female travelers:

  • No bugging shopkeepers
  • No intense tourist traps
  • No commercialization of tourist sites
  • Zero crime rates
  • Offers mesmerizing and exotic locations
  • It is an independent country
  • It has preserved its ancient traditions
  • Gross National Happiness was developed
  • 100% organic and carbon negative country

Financial tips to know while traveling to Bhutan for a female solo traveler:

If you are planning to travel solo for your next holiday to Bhutan then read the ways to remain financially better and you can make the most out of your solo vacation.

1- Plan a budget for your trip:

Bhutan has many hotspots which will make you experience Bhutan to the fullest. So it is always important to plan your budget accordingly by making a list of all the places you want to visit while in Bhutan which will include all the bookings, car rental with affordable prices for a budget trip.

2- Include emergency budget:

While you travel solo to some country it is very difficult to know about the exact cost of traveling. There might be situations of financial phenomena where you may end up paying more other than having any choice. This means you have to save more money for emergencies while going on a solo trip to avoid any financial problem.

3- Choose the best transport mode:

If you are traveling to Bhutan from Siliguri then you can choose the best cab service in Bhutan for an affordable trip so that you can avoid any mishaps and travel safely to your destination with a dedicated customer service in Bhutan.

4- Use cards to keep the change well:

Even though Bhutan is safe to travel still you must still take note of how you keep the change while you buy something. There are many places where payment cards are accepted so it is must to bring your cards along with you for shopping and other payment.

5- Save money even after spending money:

It is a must to take money wherever you go but even cards are necessary so you must use credit cards in order to pay for all your dining and souvenir shopping expenses. You must always pay in local currency as dynamic currency can charge extra fees and you should avoid money exchanges to help you save money on your trip.

6- Keep your money and valuables safe:

It is very necessary to do light packing while you are on a solo travel. Costly valuable and heavy cash must not be taken as thieves get attracted to them. The second is that you must never keep your money in one place and scatter it in different places to avoid being robbed.

Being a Solo Traveler is a joy unexplained

Bhutan is definitely an ideal place to visit for a female solo traveler as it is sure to fulfill all your desires. Traveling to a famous country like Bhutan is like a dream come true destination for a solo female traveler to explore its ethnicity and modernity to have a new experience alone in this small Buddhist country.

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