5 Travel tips for a budget-friendly trip to Bhutan!

5 Travel tips for a budget-friendly trip to Bhutan!


 ‘Want to visit foreign within your budget? Then Bhutan is the ultimate place for you to travel budget friendly!’

Land of the thunder dragon as it is rightly called; Bhutan is a little Himalayan hamlet that has gained popularity in recent years.

Also, you can feel the vibes of happiness all around you as soon as you enter Bhutan. With the view of the lofty Himalayan mountains, flowing rivers crossing the valleys, the aroma of the traditional cuisines, the colorful flags and the huge Dzongs, Bhutan can fail to amaze the visitors.

The culture of Bhutan is purely divine but if you want to plan a budget trip then understanding this destination is very essential! So, let’s plan out the trip!

Budget trip to Bhutan!!

Even though the government imposes a fixed minimum daily tariff for travelers, there are specific money-saving tips that you can follow while planning your budget trip to Bhutan.

1. Planning your trip during the lean season!

The minimum daily tariff levied to tourists visiting Bhutan depends on the season of the travel. The traveling season is divided into lean and peak season.

During the lean season, a little lesser amount is levied instead of the amount charged during the peak season. The minimum daily tariff is an all-inclusive package. Another reason to book a trip during the lean season is that the hotels and airlines also offer a minimum discount on their prices.

Peak season!

• Winter season: December-February

• Summer season: June-August

2. Travel in a group!!


If you are planning a solo trip to Bhutan it can be expensive. The government charges an additional surcharge which is USD 40 per person per night as a solo traveler and USD 30 per person for a group of 2 people. So, a tour of 2 or more people in a group is reliable to plan your trip within a budget.

For more prominent groups, the Government offers discounts:

• 11-15 tourists- Per person is entitled to a discount of 50% on the minimum daily package tariff

• 16 or more- Per person is entitled to 100% on the minimum daily package tariff

Also, you can book a reliable tour and travel agency while you visit Bhutan!

3. Explore the Eastern region of Bhutan!

The minimum daily tariff involves a sustainable development fee. It goes towards constructing buildings, providing free health care services and education in the country.

But to promote tourism, tourists will not have to pay any extra fee to explore the eastern region. The places of the eastern region have many highlights to attract you.

  • National parks
  • Wildlife sanctuaries
  • Highlanders leading a nomadic culture
  • Ancient medieval fortresses
  • Secluded traditional Bhutanese villages

4. Avoid premium or luxury tour packages!

When you are planning a budget trip to Bhutan then the minimum daily tariff is an all-inclusive package.

It includes a minimum of 3-star accommodations, meals, excellent service of a professional tour guide and entry fees for all tourist attractions. The premium tour packages will include luxury and ultra-luxury hotels, organized private tours and activities which can lead to a minimum tour cost.

5. Entry from the border town!


A tourist traveling via Phuentsholing shall be excluded from paying development fee for one night halt either during entry or exit.

However, it must be shown in their itinerary form that they shall be lodged in one of the TCB approved hotels. Tourists can also get benefited from flight ticket prices offered by airlines flying to the Indian city airport. Whereas, local airline tickets are expensive.

No matter you are traveling in a group or a solo traveler and looking for a budget tour then Bhutan has something for you!

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