5 Outstanding restaurants to try out the best Bhutanese cuisines in Bhutan!

5 Outstanding restaurants to try out the best Bhutanese cuisines in Bhutan!


If you are a foodie and want to taste the different flavours of food then Bhutan is the right place to fulfill your taste and stomach!

Located in the Himalayas, this little mountain kingdom is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. Be it the royal palaces or the ancient monasteries, Bhutan has a lot to offer to its tourists.

The people here are straightforward and they stay happy all the time which adds an extra charm to visit Bhutan once in a lifetime. Along with this, the restaurants also cannot keep themselves backward in serving the best dishes to fulfill your tasty needs.

So, let us know more about some of the best restaurants which serve finger-licking foods which you should cover on your trip to the country with the best tour and travel agent in Bhutan!

Fill your stomach with these restaurants!!

While there are numerous places to eat in Bhutan but these are some of the few best chosen for you to dine time and again when in Bhutan!

1. Eat Traditional at Folk HeritageMuseum Restaurant!!


Undoubtedly the best restaurant in Thimphu, Bhutan, this place is perfect to taste the traditional Bhutanese meals. The beauty of the place is rightly described on the seating and the ambiance of the restaurant. So, once you have visited the Folk Heritage Museum, having a meal at this restaurant is compulsory.

Location: Folk Heritage Museum, Thimphu, Bhutan

Must try: Buckwheat pancakes, Authentic Butter tea, etc

2. Enjoy non-veg food at BabesaVillage Restaurant!!


If you are thinking of Bhutanese non-veg food then chances are there for you to land up here. Trying out their set meals will make you agree to try and taste the exotic native cuisine while on your trip to Bhutan. The seating is cozy with low ceilings and the heritage place adds to the whole experience!

Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

Must try: Butter tea, Dried pork/beef curry, etc

3. Relish veggie at Sonam TrophelRestaurant!!


If you love vegetables and vegetarian food, then this is the moderately priced restaurant in Bhutan. This place will surely offer you some of the best vegetarian foods for you to relish when in Bhutan. You can also enjoy some of the different Asian delicacies to fill your hungry stomach when in Bhutan.

Location: Paro Tshongdue, Paro, Bhutan

Must try: Thukpa, Datshi, etc

4. Must try out dinner at Bukhari at UMA by COMO!!


This is one of the most acclaimed places to have a Bhutanese meal; Bukhari is visited a lot by the tourists when in Paro. The ambiance is international and the food served appeals to everyone. The staffs are courteous and the dinner is a must here during your trip to Bhutan!

Location: Paro, Bhutan

Must try: Ema Datshi, etc

5. Become a Korean at San-Maru Restaurant!!


Run by a Bhutanese-Korean couple, San Maru Restaurant is the only restaurant in this Himalayan country where you can gorge the delicious Korean food. This is one of the famous restaurants here which has traditional interior designs. Also, one of the best dining experiences in the country.

Location: Norzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Must try: Bibimbap, Barbecued Chicken, etc

If you ever visit Bhutan then try out these different flavours to savour your taste at these best chosen restaurants!

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