5 Historical Towns to Visit in Thimphu

5 Historical Towns to Visit in Thimphu


Tucked between two big nations India and China there is a small and magical country called Bhutan.

Bhutan has a rich historical background to share with the world. Life in Bhutan is very easy going and peaceful. They don’t have traffic lights in their streets. Bhutanese people like a regulated and disciplined life.

Therefore, they never disobey their rules neither allow anyone visiting their country do so. Some years back Bhutan choose for itself Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product.

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. This is the place where the king resides. Thimphu has its own rich cultural and historical background. There are five towns in Thimphu that you must visit. These towns have their own story to tell.

Let me tell you in brief about the five historical towns in Bhutan:



Visit Bumthang and experience the actual spiritual essence of Bhutan. It is known as valley of holy water because of the altar of Lhakhang. It comprises of the greatest number of holy sites in Bhutan. Ura Yakchoe is a dance for religious purpose done every year in the month of May. Then Jakar Dzong is a beautiful castle. Jambay Lhakhang is one of the oldest temple of Bhutan. These are some of the important places Bumthang is known for.



Come to Daga to experience it’s rich cultural background. It is one of the nine provinces of Bhutan that has a historical background attached to it. This province was ruled by a king and after his death a lot of problem arouse. There after many kingof smaller provinces tried to capture but failed. But Trongsa penlop and Paro were prominet figures in this fight. But the 10th Penolop was able to set his foot here.
You can see a lot of beautiful monuments in this palce.



Visit this offbeat place of Bhutan and do some adventures. Paro is an offbeat place of Bhutan. But if you visit it I can guarantee you will never be disheartened. There is so much to see and explore in Paro. Paro Dzong is the headquarter of Paro province from where all the administrations are looked after.



Come here and induldge into the rich heritage of Bhutan. If you are in Bhutan, you must come to Punakha. It is another beautiful and picturesque place that you can’t miss out on. The Dzong here is the earlier dzong that used to look after the administration of Paro. It was also the seat of the government of Bhutan.



A small province but has so much to offer. Vist here and get surprised. Set in the midst of beautiful hills and serene atmosphere this province is magic. One of the best travel agencies of Bhutan will let you visit these places.

When you plan to Visit Bhutan, choose the best Bhutan tour package and travel in Bhutan being relaxed.


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