5 enchanting places to visit around Trongsa, Bhutan.

5 enchanting places to visit around Trongsa, Bhutan.


The place is known as the Vanguard of the Warriors and it was one of the most important kingdoms in the early days due to its strategic location. Trongsa also has an impressive museum. The Watchtower of Trongsa has been converted into a museum dedicated to the Wangchuck dynasty; it is definitely an awesome place to learn about the history of the kingdom.

1.The highly praised Trongsa Dzong:

 The fortress was the seat of power which controlled central and eastern Bhutan. It is the most strategically situated Dzong in the country. Construction date: 1648 Things to see: Dzong architecture and the scenic view of the valleys from the fortress. Location: Nubi Geywog, Trongsa District, Bhutan

2. The mystic Chendebji Chorten:

[caption id="attachment_678" align="alignnone" width="732"] `[/caption] It very much resembles the Bodhinath Stupa of Kathmandu. It was built mainly to bury the remains of an evil spirit. Construction date: 8th century by Lama Shilda. Location: Trashigang-Semtokha Hwy, Bhutan.

3. Kuenga Rabten:

 It was the winter residence of the second king of Bhutan. It is now in the care of the National Commission of cultural affairs so there is no permit requirement to visit here. It is located about 24km from the main town. If you are having difficulty reaching the place you can take help from various Bhutan car rental agencies that provide the facility of car rental in Bhutan Things to see: beautiful woodwork and decorations of the building. Construction date: 1929 Location: Drakteng Gewog, Trongsa District

4.The living museum Ta Dzong:

It is a beautiful museum which is a blend of tradition and modernity. It is a place of retreat where hermits come to practice meditation. If you are looking for rental cars in Bhutan there are agencies that provide car rental at a cheap and reasonable price in Bhutan. car rental facility is available if you want to visit this place as the car rental agencies provide all types of cars ranging from hatchbacks to luxury cars. Things to see: century-old treasures, prayer books, painting and scrolls, and textiles. Construction date: 1652 by Chogyal Minjur Tempa Location: Trongsa, Bhutan.

5.Yutong la Pass:

 There is a beautiful Chorten (Stupa) in the center of the road and many colorful prayer flags which adds to the beauty of the place. Even though it is only just a few feet higher than Pele La, the weather here is quite unusual. The fog coming in from all angles and a chill in the air creates a strange and mystic atmosphere around the place. You can hire a car that will take you here. If you want to know about the various car hire charges in Bhutan do take the help of Enroute trip as they will provide you the details of the charges and trip Elevation:11237ft Things to see: a dozen beautiful Stupas Location: Trongsa, Bhutan Often known as the gateway to the east of the country Trongsa is definitely one of the most magnificent districts of Bhutan filled with beautiful Dzongs and museums that will enthrall you. The strange and mystic beauty of Trongsa will charm you and make you fall in love with the place.

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