5 Best National Parks in India to see Tigers

5 Best National Parks in India to see Tigers


Our National Animal is protected in these National Parks.

Once tigers were endangered species but now they are well protected in India. According to the latest reports in 2018, India is home to 70% of Worlds tiger population. All total there are near about fifty tiger reserve in India. The project Tiger is in charge of protecting these tigers.

Tiger is our Nation animal and if we do not care them, we will lose our National animal. We know tigers are ferocious but sometimes they get ferocious because we chop their hometown, the forests. When the tigers are homeless, they enter the human-inhabited locality.

Therefore, these National Parks for the Tigers are a necessity for providing homes to our National animal tiger.

Among the 50 National Parks in India, here I have listed 5 best National Parks for Tigers:

1.Pench Tiger Reserve- In Maharastra near Madhya Pradesh Border

Very few people know about this tiger reserve. However, this tiger reserve is famous for the most uncommon reason. Rudyard Kipling is supposed to have written Jungle Bookkeeping this National Park in mind.


In this National Park, there are not only tigers but also 32 other species of animals.

In this jungle, you will get a safari tent and a library telling about animals. April and June are the best months to see tigers here.

2. The Bandhavgarh National Park- Madhya Pradesh


This has the highest number of Tigers in the National Park. 63 tigers at the most. Previously this reserve was known as a land of white tigers. Here you can hire a car and roam about in the National Park to watch tigers and other animals.

3. Kanha Tiger Reserve- Madhya Pradesh

This National park looks somewhat like Mowglis jungle. Here you will find Barasingha deer. These dealers are an endangered species. You can also enjoy a tiger show here.


The best attraction for this place is the large open meadows where the animals are left to freely roam about. April to June is the best months to visit this Tiger Reserve.

4. Jim Corbett National Park- Uttarakhand


Located in the Himalayan Foothills, are a nice place to see tigers only if you are lucky or with a good guide. Here tigers are in few numbers. It has many different types of mammals.

This park has large watchtowers and widespread grassland.

5. Sundarban National Park- West Bengal

As you know this is the biggest mangrove forest in the world. It is a complete delight for the tourists to be here is Sundarban National Park. You can see a beautiful river and nice jungle where tigers are roaming about.


In Sundarbans, there are near about 400 tigers altogether. You can visit this National Park at any time of the year.


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