5 Alluring Trails in Bhutan for every hiking enthusiast!!

5 Alluring Trails in Bhutan for every hiking enthusiast!!


It is said �You need special shoes for hiking and a bit of a special soul as well� � Terri Guillemets With the unique blend of ancient and modernism, Bhutan has many things to offer their tourists. This magical country has many untouched or explored hiking trails for travelers to instill an adrenaline rush. Hiking in Bhutan is an avid experience for those who admire nature and its unique creations. We all know time doesn�t wait for anyone. So, pack your bags to unleash your inner hiking enthusiast.

Does hiking have an ideal time?

The perfect time to head for hiking in Bhutan depends entirely upon your choice. If you want to go during the winter season then December to March will be the ideal months. But the best time suitable for hiking is November to March as the weather stays pleasant and Bhutan looks mind-blowing. But before hiking there is something to remember about...

Some tips you mustnt ignore!!

  • Prepare yourself well enough for the hike
  • You must carry your sunscreen, sports shoes
  • The water bottle is a must
  • Do not forget to carry warm clothes

Trails that are naturally perfect!!

For the thrill seekers, we have picked some of the best Bhutan hiking tours through which you can explore the land of happiness. Here you go:

1. Dochula to Lhungchutse Lhakhang Hike:

It is an easy hiking trail which is suitable for both the perfectionists and beginners. As it is said about the view, you can see the mesmerizing view of mountains from above. Location: Thimphu Duration: 3 to 4 hours

2. Ngang Lhakhang to Tahung Hike:

From Ngang Lhakhang temple and passing through the streams and forests it leads to Phephe Le. The view of a stone shrine with prayer flags makes a perfect spot for mind-boggling pictures. Location: Bumthang Duration: 6 hours

3. Gangtey Nature Hike:

It is a downhill hiking trail which will make you awestruck with the view of the beauty of the Bhutanese countryside. You can spend hiking for a few hours to soak in the beauty of Bhutan. Location: Phobjikha Valley Duration: 2 hours approximately

4. Taktsang Goenba Hike:

It is famed as the Tiger�s Nest Monastery and is the most charming monastery of Bhutan. The hike up to the monastery is an extensive trail which takes you to the beauty you have never seen before. Location: Paro Duration: 5 to 6 hours

5- Khamsum Chorten Hike:

Hiking up to the most charming monument of Bhutan, Khamsum Chorten will let you appreciate the beauty of elegant architecture. It is short, steep but the view will leave you breathless for sure. Location: Punakha town Duration: 2 hours The pleasure of hiking is a wonderful pleasure that can really be stressing and physically tiring. The happiness that you get after reaching your desired spot makes up for all the pain that you have had to go through. And this can only happen in the village of Melli.

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