4 Reasons Why Visit Bhutan – The Land Of Thunder Dragons

4 Reasons Why Visit Bhutan – The Land Of Thunder Dragons


With its elevation ranging from 160 meters to over 7000 meters above sea level, Bhutan is an iconic country settled on the southern end of the Eastern Himalayas. The Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan is home to one of the most rugged mountain lands worldwide.

Awe-inspiring Himalayan landscapes, top-notch monasteries, a stronghold of Buddhist beliefs, enriching spirituality, lovely natives, unique cuisines, and luxuriant biodiversity dwell in Bhutan. With professionally curated Bhutan tour packages, unleash the hidden ardour of Bhutan exploration. This blog gives insights into four reasons for Bhutan exploration.

Let’s explore four reasons why you should visit Bhutann

If you’ve already selected Bhutan as your upcoming holiday location, this reading will add extra thrills to your excitement.

1.     It’s a Carbon Negative Country

Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in South Asia but when it comes to its wonders, Bhutan astounds everyone. For its expansive forests covering more than 70% of the entire land, the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is able to take in more carbon dioxide than the land releases.

This small country in 2009 became the first carbon-neutral country in the world. Blue pine forests, Fir forests, Tropical Lowland hardwood forests, Mixed Conifer forest, Upland Hardwood forest, Broadleaf mixed with conifer, Chit Pine, evergreen Oak, Juniper Rhododendron Scrub, etc. Bhutan forests consist of. To explore its luster, visit Jigme Dorji National Park and Royal Manas National Park.

2.     Its Gross National Happiness

The concept of Gross National Happiness/GNH involves an index used to measure the collective happiness of the Bhutanese population, instituted as a philosophy in the Constitution of Bhutan, and adopted as a development indicator.

By the United Nations, this unique philosophy has been acknowledged on a global scale. Do not miss out on exploring this happy country! It’s a great reason to visit Bhutan. Get the best of Bhutan tour packages and ace your trip.

3.     Its Cultural and Traditional Vibrancy

This culturally enriched country draws most of its cultural eminence from Buddhism. Bhutan’s cultural dynamism revolves around compassion, rectitude, honesty, gratitude, empathy, reciprocal affection, fidelity, loyalty, and religiosity.

Hospitality, independent nature, and sense of humor strengthen their cultural presence. Its arts outshine in the form of dance, music, sculptures, textiles, paintings, paper products, wood carvings, and archery. Gho (menswear)and Kira (womenswear) are the traditional dress of Bhutanese people.

Visit the National Handicraft Emporium (handcraft museum in Thimphu), and Chencho Handicraft & Weaving Center (clothing store in Paro), and take part in Archery, the national sport in Bhutan. Other traditional sports in the country are Pundo, Khuru, Digor, etc.

4.     Its Colourful Festivals Throughout the Year

It would be a great idea to plan a festive holiday in Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragons. Festivals are a big part of Bhutan and more than 150 festivals are celebrated with great zeal across Bhutan. Explore mask dancing, the spread of colorful attires, singing, narratives, and more.

Most of the festivals held in the country are dedicated to Guru Rinpoche, the saint who introduced Bhutan to Buddhism. Some of the most popular festivals of Bhutan include Haa Summer Festival, Thimphu Tsechu Festival, Paro Tshechu Festival, Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival, Matsutake Festival, Sakteng Festival, Wangduephodrang Tshechu, Nomand Festival, Punakha Drubchen, Jomolhari Mountain Festival, The Black-necked Crane Festival, etc.

Besides these exciting factors, Bhutan is a country with no traffic lights, thrilling trekking trails, and exclusive culinary delights. Find top-notch Dzong-style monasteries, witness nature’s wilderness, and stay in luxurious accommodations and turn your holiday stay satisfyingly eventful. Take your pick from the best-selling Bhutan tour packages from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and anywhere in India. 

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