15 Tips for a Tour of a Lifetime in Bhutan for newly married honeymoon Couples

15 Tips for a Tour of a Lifetime in Bhutan for newly married honeymoon Couples


Bhutan is a unique country known by mystical names such as �The Last Shangri-La� and �the land of the Thunder Dragon� the country is unique and different both culturally and environmentally. Did you know that Bhutan measures progress according to the gross national happiness of the people and not according to the G.D.P of the country? Bhutan is said to be the only Vajrayana Buddhist Kingdom in the world. The amazing view of the landscape and the enchanting monasteries make Bhutan one of the most visited tourist places in the world. The fresh air and the romantic atmosphere make this country a very nice honeymoon destination too. 1.Visit your General Physician at least a day before your departure from home as because Malaria is common in rural areas below 1700m in Bhutan so do consult your doctor about what vaccinations to take especially if you are traveling with kids. 2.While traveling to Bhutan you might experience stomach upsets that might be a bad thing for your honeymoon trip to Bhutan. If this happens to you then drink plenty of mineral water and take medicines for Gastroenterology. 3.if you need medical assistance in your trip, dial 112 and ask for an ambulance 4.Do not feed stray dogs in Bhutan as they are not trained and they might bite you 5.Do not forget to bring your S.P.F glasses for your honeymoon trip to Bhutan as because solar radiation in the country is very intense and even on cloudy days there are chances that you might get sunburned. 6.You should not travel at night during your honeymoon in Bhutan as because the roads are not well conditioned and also due to insufficient lighting the risk of car crashes increase. 7.If you have planned for a trek then first acclimatize to the place and only after that you should begin your journey as because you might suffer from altitude sickness. There are many Bhutan Tour operators such as R.S Travels who offer excellent and attractive Bhutan honeymoon tour packages. If you want detailed information do contact them. 8.You should only drink bottled water and avoid ice cubes. 9.Bhutan offers spectacular views so do not forget to carry a good camera 10.You should not eat fruits and vegetables until and unless they are peeled or cooked 11.Do not forget to pack microfleece jackets and pullovers as the weather in Bhutan is quite chilly and you might catch a cold fast 12.Do not smoke cigarettes or sell Tobacco products in Bhutan as it is highly illegal. 13.You should not swim in fresh water or un-chlorinated water as bacterial infection can be spread from fresh water in Bhutan. 14.If you are tipping your driver or your guide, make sure that you place your gratuity in an envelope.If you want information regarding various honeymoon packages in Bhutan do take the help of the agency R.S Travels. 15.Always remember to carry medicines for headaches and mosquito repellant creams and also do not forget to wear long sleeves and long trousers.


The amazing view of the landscape, the vibrant culture and the heartwarming hospitality of the Bhutanese people is what makes this country unique and special and also one of the perfect destinations for honeymoon couples. I hope the above information will help you on your trip and do not forget to share your honeymoon experience in Bhutan with us.

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