10 Tips for Planning Your Dooars Adventure

10 Tips for Planning Your Dooars Adventure


Picturesquely lying in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, the Dooars region in West Bengal, India, is a fascinating brew of natural charm and wildlife diversity. From beautiful tea gardens to deep forests filled with various flora and wildlife species, a trip through the Dooars promises a pristine delight of adventure and tranquility.

However, for any adventure or leisurely exploration, careful planning is required to get the most out of your trip. With the affordable Dooars tour package cost, get excellent travel assistance and facilities to enjoy your holiday as you desire. Here are five suggestions to help you map out your Dooars adventure without hassles.

1. Select Your Destinations

Begin by researching how many destinations in the Dooars region you’re going to explore. Popular tourist attractions in the lush terrain of Doors include Jaldapara National Park, Chilapata Forest, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Buxa Fort, Gorumara National Park, Lataguri, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Murti River, Samsing, Suntaleykhola, Jayanti, Bindu, Parren, Rocky Island, Jhalong, etc.

2. Select Your Outdoor Activities

To know whether you just explore destinations, or enjoy some outdoor recreation is important. Dooars boasts some of the best outdoor activity opportunities for nature explorers, such as trekking, hiking, safaris, watchtower visits, birdwatching, wildlife photography, tea garden visits, river bathing, and picnics. Based on the type and number of activities, you have to make your time during the holiday.

3. Plan Your Safaris

Map out your safari plans in Dooars. You can go enjoying a jungle safari in Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jaldapara, Chapramari, Gorumar,a or only one place out of these choices. Safaris are a highlight of any Dooars vacation, allowing tourists to spot exclusive wildlife species in their native habitat. Explore jeep safaris, elephant safaris, and guided nature walks. Ensure booking your safari activities early on to prevent unavailability.

4. Choose Accommodation

Once the destinations and outdoor activity planning are done, opt for suitable accommodation, which not only serves your budget but also keeps your travel or transport experiences seamless. Choose a privileged location accommodation depending on your tourist attractions. Avail of Dooars tour package costfrom a reliable tour operator near you.

5. Book Accommodation Ahead of Time

The region of Dooars offers a variety of accommodations, from iconic resorts to affordable guesthouses and forest lodges. However, during peak tourist seasons, lodgings tend to book up quickly. Therefore, wise to book your Dooars holiday stay in advance to get the best discounts and enjoy a comfortable stay in nature.

6. Choose the Right Season

The land of Dooars has diverse seasons that offer unique experiences, such as long winter, heavy rainfall, and average humidity during summer. The months of October, November, December, January, February, March, and April are the best months to explore the charm of Dooars pleasantly. Get a low cost Dooars tour package price from NJP.

7. Pack Wisely

While packaging your bag, keep comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather, strong footwear for trekking and walking safaris, first-aid, water bottles, sunglasses, hats, umbrella, ID proofs, photocopies, bug repellent, sunscreen, and a camera to document the breathtaking scenery and wildlife interactions.

8. Prioritize Your Health and Safety

During your Dooars journey, do not make hasty decisions or actions, especially while enjoying safaris. Stay aware of any health advisories, take necessary medications, stay hydrated, and listen to expert guidance.

9. Be a Responsible Tourist

When visiting the Dooars wilderness, it is important to respect wildlife and nature. To look after your safety and ecosystem conservation, keep a safe distance from wild animals, refrain from littering, and follow the advice of your guides and park authorities.

10. Don’t Visit During Monsoon

If you’re planning a Dooars holiday exclusively for wildlife exploration, make sure to avoid monsoon season as it is their breeding time. From 15th June to 15th September, the National parks and wildlife sanctuaries remain closed in Dooars’ region, such as Gorumara, Jaldapara, Chapramari, Buxa Tiger Reserve.

A trip to the Dooars offers a perfect combination of environmental exploration, cultural encounters, and adventure. By following these ten suggestions and carefully arranging your Dooars trip, you may ensure a memorable and gratifying experience in one of the treasure troves in India nestled in the Eastern Himalayan foothills.

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