Traits Of A Fake Travel Agency – Here’s What To Know

Traits Of A Fake Travel Agency – Here’s What To Know


Advancements have touched everything. Technologies are no exception here. However, fake services have always been there. At times, it is confusing for people to understand if the service is genuine. No matter how much you’re in beware mode. Sometimes, it fails. This blog aims at sharing a few traits of fake tour operators.

Be sure not to be deceived by something that holds too good deals. The reason is nothing too good is actually good. Fraud services are forever at the ready to deceive you. Get in touch with your trusted travel agent in Bhutan. Read on to get insights into this topic.


Here’s What To Know

Here are some features a fake travel agency may have:

No Physical Office

What do you think about an agency operating such a significant service with phony assistance? This assistance makes no sense. A reputed service provider should have an office from where they handle their day-to-day operations.

If you meet any service provider who has no physical office, best you skip them. Many a time, such services request you to meet somewhere else. Make sure you do not do that.

No Proper Accreditation

One of the vital features of a reputed tour operator is having exact accreditation. Since they operate travel and tourism-related matters, their service should have verifiable accreditation. And if they don’t have, think twice.

It doesn’t matter what they say about their expertise. When you spot something fishy going on in their business, skip it. Even if they don’t have accreditation, they must be registration under a recognized organization. Know your service provider well before receiving a helping hand.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

Too Good Deals

As mentioned earlier, nothing too good is actually good. Professionals deal with each client’s demand with proficiency. They ensure transportation, hotel booking, flight ticketing, and more than meets the eye. But that doesn’t mean their deals are all-time cheap. Deals can be good, sometimes too good for you. And here grows the chance of getting deceived.

Fraud agencies take advantage of it, ensuring mind-blowing deals and offers. You may feel attracted that is normal. All you need here is to check their website, or service and speak to the service provider. You must not give them any OTP, or CODE if they request you to send it. These ‘too-good’ deals often trap you.

Customer Reviews

When a service provider gives seamless assistance in order to make your trip plans extra special, customers ensure the best of the best reviews. Such reviews you may find on Google, social media platforms, etc. There's a difference between good reviews and too good reviews. Here is to give you an alert. Explore affordable Bhutan tour packages.

Always check customer reviews so as to book a genuine tour guide. Every single penny you spend should be worth spending, whether it’s a Bhutan trip or else. Avoid shortcuts. Many times fraud agencies tactfully force you to go for cash payments or travel via a particular mode even though other modes of operations are the most relevant. A little bit of study to make your trip secure and pleasurable.

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