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Tips For a Family Road Trip

The best times are the ones spent with family. Are you planning to surprise your family with the best trip? Do you have a road trip in mind? It is the best idea of spending quality time with family. Road trips with your best people to the best of destinations enhances the happy spirit within […]

Top 4 Travel Agents in Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Phuentsholing is the gateway to Bhutan, which means that most of the business related to the tourism sector is located in this place. As the tourism sector evolves with time, the other small scale businesses like travel agencies, car rental agencies and hotels are also expanding on a daily basis. Therefore the competition between all […]

What is a good itinerary for a Bhutan trip?

What is a Good Itinerary for a Bhutan Trip?

The land of monks, monasteries, pristine nature and the tobacco-free environment is hard to find as a neighbouring country for many citizens in the world. But you are blessed to have Bhutan which is beautiful with natural scenery, heritage people and amazing hospitality in abundance. There are many eminent places to see and without an […]

Bhutan Tour Packages - Book a Bhutan Tour Online

Bhutan Tour Packages – Book a Bhutan Tour Online

Bhutan is the name which provides a fascinating vacation to the tourists coming from all over the planet. It is a tiny Himalayan country nestled in the ranges. The kingdom consists of blessings of Mother Nature, avid adventure activities and beauty of the region. So, when you are here you must feel the ancient culture […]

Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour – Is It Safe for Tourists?

Being one of the most peaceful countries, Bhutan has lush green valleys and the air is so fresh that you would want to breathe as deep as you could. The most beautiful part of Bhutan is the locals. They are helpful and generous. Though it is a poor country, during your Bhutan tour you won’t […]

Bhutan tour packages: Expectations vs. reality

Bhutan Tour Packages: Expectations vs. Reality

Perched amidst the Himalayas, Bhutan is rightly called the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ and is the last Himalayan kingdom in Bhutan. With a myriad of tourist attractions and experiences to cherish for, there is no doubt how this nation managed to garner the title of ‘Land of Happiness’, for the happiest people on this Earth […]

Best Bhutan tour operators

Best Bhutan Tour Operators

Are you finding the Best Bhutan Tour Operators for a Bhutan trip? Bhutan is a country where red rice and chilies are the main courses. It is the land where monks use smartphones after prayers. Besides protecting the Buddhist practices, Bhutanese are well-educated, enjoyable and lovable. It is the perfect mix of ancient as well […]

3 Best Experiences to Cover in Bhutan Tour Packages

3 Best Experiences to Cover in Bhutan Tour Packages

Sitting on the Eastern slopes of the Himalayas, the Land of Thunder Dragon is a landlocked country bordered by Tibet and India. It is the world’s last remaining Buddhist kingdom. This is the reason why Bhutan is called the last Shangri-La. Besides this, it also offers an endless amount of experiences for you to enjoy […]