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5 museums in Bhutan to discover its glory and culture!

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Bhutan in itself is a living museum because of its policy of protecting its tradition and culture from outsiders. Being isolated from other countries of the world, Bhutan’s museums offer a unique perspective on Bhutanese history, culture, rural lifestyle, artistic traditions and many more. It also showcases the ancient history from over 1500 years and also the ancient history of…

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Zuri Dzong Fort
Hiking in Bhutan
Royal Manas National Park
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5 Alluring Trails in Bhutan for every hiking enthusiast!!

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It is said “You need special shoes for hiking and a bit of a special soul as well” – Terri Guillemets With the unique blend of ancient and modernism, Bhutan has many things to offer their tourists. This magical country has many untouched or explored hiking trails for travelers to instill an adrenaline rush. Hiking in Bhutan is an avid…

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