List of 35 Best Travel Agents & Tour Operators in Bhutan

Surrounded lush greenery forest and mountain slope the kingdom is smallest country in Asia. Bhutan is one of the most interesting place on earth Mother Nature bless on the country in every possible way so the country is the booster of exotic natural beauty. Bhutan is unparalleled due to its altitudinal and climate rage the array of flora and fauna is available in the country.

It’s the last great Himalayan kingdom soured the mystic and magic of vibrant culture, ancient history and holy Buddhism, great monasteries, most important the whole country covers with lots of interesting surprise like where main dish is chill, rice are red, monks are checking their Smartphone after offer prayers  and many more.

“Next Destination” – Bhutan

Next destination Bhutan

During my travel in January in Bhutan with my family I learned and experienced in the country really ever before I get these experiences based on my trip experience I must suggest to you if you are planning for your next vacation then you can opt the Bhutan because:

  1. You will learn that wealth doesn’t measure the strengths of colourful culture
  2. Enjoy the prettiness of Buddhism
  3. Amazing endless wildlife
  4. Chillies is the main dish they love it
  5. Unscathed beauty and the panoramic view
  6. It teaches you the responsibility of travel
  7. To experiences something difference you can get anywhere else.
  8. Meet with the cultural heritage ever before

A Memorable Trip in Bhutan

A memorable Trip in Bhutan

As I said in January I was going to Bhutan with family for spend some time apart from the hustle – bustle of city, daily routine and for some refreshing moment. We arrived in Bhutan from Jaigaon by car at the check in point the responsible officers checked our all documents and give permission entry in the country if your are from India then you should only bring voter ID card or passport or any Government authorised photo ID card.

From Jaigaon border city of India we transferred to the Phunshilong, city of Bhutan where we visited lots of the tourists’ attraction like Zangto Pelri Lhakhang, Karbandi Monastery, Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre and Bhutan Gate.

Then we also visited Paro, Thmiphu, Samdrup Jongkhar, Punakha, Geylegphug, Trashigang, Wangdue Phodrang, Dagapela and Trongsa cities and enjoyed the natural beauty and wildlife. It was a memorable trip for my family and also for me. We were with a popular travels agent the experts of the agent provide us the best services by their professional hand they endeavour every things to us for our smooth journey.

Trip by Your Own Self

Trip by your own self

You can plan a trip by yourself if you’re not the first time visitor in Bhutan. If you first time visitor then you should plan your trip with a popular travel agent. Since every travel agent have an excellent professional background and great knowledge about the local sightseeing, rules car rental, hotel booking etc.

If you’re 1st time visitor, perhaps you will faced lots of problems in Bhutan kingdom. After reaching Bhutan first thing we need that is a small relaxation or a nap or some simple but delicious food. For these we must need a hotel obviously the hotel should be clean, friendly and proper but how can you know about a hotel as you don’t stay in before but travel agents have great knowledge about hotels in Bhutan and they booked the top and best hotel for the clients.

When you go out for the sightseeing so you need a car or taxi suppose you book or hire from the nearest taxi stand “do you know that the taxi driver is experienced or not. Is the car offering you a comfortable? Is the driver has knowledge about the local sightseeing?” So why go for a deny when travel agent render the correctness services while they have a huge knowledge. Here I’m just explaining about two troubles however there have more and more trouble like the tendency of dishonest people, fooding problem, restricted rules, safety issues, proper guidance, knowledge about local and proper place for meal. To avoid these all problem you should pick a Bhutan tour agency. Here some most trusted, popular and professional travel agency one of them you can chose for you next Bhutan vacation.

1. Bhutan Travel Bureau

Bhutan Travel Bureau

Bhutan travel Bureau is one of the largest and experienced tours operators in Bhutan founded in 1991 with a simple to provide the guests a unique and exceptional travel experience of Bhutan by their 20 years experience and professional staffs.

Contact with Bhutan Travel Bureau


2. Way To Bhutan

Way To Bhutan

Way top Bhutan is a one stop solution for the Bhutan trip. Way to Bhutan offers wide range of Bhutan tour packages according to the demand and requirements of clients come from various parts of the world. The company makes sure about the client satisfaction and smooth journey.

Contact with way to Bhutan

Add: Phendey Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call At:  +975-17608125 / +975-2- 335142

Email: /


3. Bhutan Oasis Travel

Bhutan Oasis Travel

Bhutan Oasis Travels is running in Bhutan by the Tenzin Dorji who takes the responsibilities to managing, arranging and operating Bhutan tour for the guests. The company carefully arrange the Bhutan tours for the leisure, group, corporate and educational team.

Contact with Bhutan Oasis Travel

Add: MKTS Building, Flat No: 5, PO Box: 1089, Norzin Lam,, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call At: +975-7724 – 7395



4. Bokar Tours

Bokar Tours

Bokar Tours is a part of Bhutan tourism and hospitality industry ensures that the guests discover Bhutan during their trip in sustainable manners in the country. For achieve their aim they provide various range tour packages and arrange tour for guests.

Contact with Bokar Tours 

Add: Tshongdue, Paro, Bhutan

Call at: +975-8271-941 / +975-7711-1731



5. Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Tours and Travels

Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Tours and Travels

Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Tours and Travels is a royal Bhutan tour operators dedicated in offering smooth travel experience in the magnificent kingdom of Bhutan to the guests who wants to come under their guidance.

Contact with Atlantic Bhutan Conquest Tours and Travels

Add: Changzamtog, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at: +975-17838496



6. Access Bhutan Tours and Travels

Access Bhutan Tours and Travels

A trusted name in Bhutan travel industry among the oldest company Access Bhutan Tours and Travels. When you plan for a trip with Access Bhutan Tours and Travels then you are just tension free because the company’s executives are arranging your trip with great care and love.

Contact with Access Bhutan Tours and Travels

Add:  Thimphu, Bhutan,

Call at: +975-17110720/77176677/+975-2-339813



7. Bhutan Swallowtails

Bhutan Swallowtails

Bhutan Swallowtails is a famous travel agents located in Thimphu, the Capital city of Bhutan from the point of starting the company successfully provide all round travel related solution to the guest who want to enjoy the beauty, culture, tradition and history of the kingdom.

Contact with Bhutan Swallowtails

Add:  Wogzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 02 328 978, +975 1713 1430



8. Bhutan Majestic Travels

Bhutan Majestic Travels

Bhutan Majestic Bhutan is founded in 2005 licensed by the Royal Government of Bhutan. Mr. Namgay Dorji started the company with a great motivation to change the travel experience of the tourists by the experienced and professional hand of Bhutan Majestic Travels.

Contact with Bhutan Majestic Travels

Add:  The Jojo’s Suite # 62 Chang Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 2 334661, +975 1711 1095



9. Wind Horse Tours

Wind Horse Tours

In 1998 officially launched in Bhutan gradually spread hand in many of international country with the moderately gather experience and try to offers very unique and exclusive vacation experiences to the clients. A small team of hard workers dedicate and serious opened the company for the smooth tours in Bhutan.

Contact with Wind Horse Tours

Add: Motithang Opposite Motithang High School, Thimphu Bhutan

Call at:  +975 2 326026


10. Keys to Bhutan

Keys to Bhutan

Keys to Bhutan committed to giving the clients to stay in Bhutan as memorable as possible.  It is combination of the local knowledge, highest standard services, before, during and after trip in Bhutan. When you settled out with us the company reflects the expectation of company.

Contact with Keys to Bhutan 

Add: Motithang, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 2 327232, 327233



11. The Bhutan Travel Club

The Bhutan Travel Club

With nearly 10 years experience the company is form their position in the tourism industry. The company accredited by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), member of the Association of the Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) and an active member The International Eco-Tourism Society (TIES).

Contact with Bhutan Travel Club

Add: Thori Lam, Motithang, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975-2-336941


12. Journey to Discover Bhutan

Journey to discover Bhutan

It is a government approved Tours and Travels agency located in Bhutan kingdom specialised in historical, educational, cultural, business or festivals tours. The company serves the opportunities to discover Bhutan in a unique and enthusiastic manner.

Contact with Journey to Discover Bhutan

Add:  Motithang, Garden Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  + 975-2-339900, +975 17110849



13. Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd.

Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd

Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd. is a 25 years old company celebrating the journey since 1991. The company already provides the highest tourism services by touching the guest every expectation. The company has qualified, experienced all level staffs.

Contact with Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd.

Add:  Changlam, Thimphu Bhutan

Call at:  +975-2-324045, 322647



14. Drukasia


Drukasia is a team of dedicative and experience team who passionate and love their job and always try to invent something new for the guests. The company designed the entire package exclusively which fulfil the every needs of a traveller in Bhutan trip.

Contact with Drukasia

Add:  Jojo’s Building, Thimphu – Bhutan



15. Blue Poppy Tours and Treks

Blue Poppy Tours and Treks

Poppy is the national flower of Bhutan from that the name Blue Poppy Tours and Travel comes to show the speciality of Bhutan kingdom with their exclusively make tour packages. Choki Dorji set up the company in Bhutan and step feet in UK also.

Contact with Blue Poppy Tours and Travels

Add:  Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  + 975 2 333540



16. Bhutan Your Ways Tours and Travels

Bhutan Your Ways Tours and Travels

Bhutan Your Ways Tours and Travel operated by the Ugyen Dorji recognised by the Royal Government of Bhutan, Department of Tourism and a member of  the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators. The company tour planner plans all the trip and vacation according to the client’s requirements and demand.

Contact Bhutan Your Ways Tours and Travels

Add:  Paro, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 17164757

Email:  trip @


17. Bhutan Lhayul Tours and Travels

Bhutan Lhayul Tours and Travels

The company’s dedicated team and staffs are very well behaviour, qualified and experienced always try to achieve the bless of clients perhaps it’s the reason of their success and achievements. The company has wide range of tour packages for Bhutan educational, cultural, and festival, honeymoon, leisure as well as corporate tours.

Contact with Bhutan Lhayul Tours and Travels

Add:  Motithang, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975-17140911, +975-2-332639



18. R.S. Travels

R.S. Travels

R.S. Travels is giving the best services regarding to the Bhutan trip. R.S. Travels is a leading tours and Travel Company in Bhutan renders the services to clients for unwrinkled vacation in the kingdom of Bhutan.  All level staffs are so soft and practically experiences in the tourism industry to provide the most memorable vacation.

Contact with R.S. Travels

Add:  Zhung Lam, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 – 17370645 / 17420861



19. Terton Travel Bhutan

Terton Travel Bhutan

Terton Travel Bhutan is an inbound travel company located in Thimphu the capital city in Bhutan. The company full organised and managed by the Bhutanese travel professional who has huge experience in the same field.

Contact with Terton Travel Bhutan

Add:  Wogzin Lam, Norzim Lam, Thimphu

Call at: +975 77179999, 8888

Email: /


20. Bhutan Travel

Bhutan Travel Agency

Bhutan Travel ensures you to give the unforgettable trip experience in Bhutan. Transforming your dream in reality with their unparallel services about travel related with the all tour packages. The company has long experiences in the tourism industry which is the strength of the better services.

Contact with Bhutan Travels  

Add:  Chapcha Engineer Building, Thimpu, Bhutan



21. Bhutan Travelers

Bhutan Travelers

It is a unique and innovative best tour operator in Bhutan is offering personalised services in execution and planning every tour for the travellers. Bhutan Travelers is successful provides various size and shapes Bhutan holiday package for every kind of.

Contact with Bhutan Travels

Add: Clock Tower Square, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at: +975 17481855, +975 232 8868





Visit is one of the leading travel agents in Bhutan located in the Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan. Managing and arranging Bhutan is most interesting work for the professional of tours so that they happily and carefully planning a trip for providing a smooth and memorable journey to the guests.

Contact with VisitBhutan.Com

Add:  Below Imtrat Hospital, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 2340151, 340152, 340153



23. Bhutan Best Travel

Bhutan Best Travel

Bhutan Best Travel agency is a tourism council of Bhutan and also the tourism council of Singapore registered travel agency. Nidup Dorji, over 10 years of experiences as tourism guide and Jaclyn Zhang founded the company with a larger chain of reputed hotels, quality guide, reliable vehicles and every element which make you trip lifetime memory.

Contact with Bhutan Best Travel 

Add: Langjophakha, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 1716 1938



24. Bhutan Sixth Sense Travel

Bhutan Sixth Sense Travel

Bhutan Sixth Sense Travel is an authorised travel agency in Bhutan established in 2012 to offer the inbound tours and travels solution to the guests those are coming from all over the world to explore the Himalayan country Bhutan.

Contact with Sixth Sense Travel

Add:  Motithang, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 2336357, +975 2 326025



25. Bhutan Jewel Travel

Bhutan Jewel Travel

Bhutan Jewel Travel makes great trip package to reach the highest expectation of people or travellers. All the packages are depending on the guests demand and requirements during their Bhutan trip. The company offers warm hospitality and always endeavour to deliver the best services.

Contact with Bhutan Jewel Travel    

Add:  Center Building, Norzin Lam, Thimphu, BHUTAN

Call at:   +975 17113772, +975 2 333092



26. Bhutan Agro Travels 

Bhutan Agro Travels

Bhutan Agro Travel company offers something difference from the other as the company provided very unique work to the travellers. The all level staffs of the company are well qualified, experienced and certified in travel industry to design the packages for the Bhutan trip.

Contact with Bhutan Agro Travels

Add:  Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:

Email:  +975-2-327119, +975-17938830


27. Bhutan Gateway Travels

Bhutan Gateway Travels

Ms. Tshering Dema was established a travel agents in Bhutan namely Bhutan Gateway Travels is one of the leading travel agents in Bhutan. The company’s goals to provide the guests with an once-in-a-lifetime trip by their professional hand.

Contact with Bhutan Gateway Travels

Add:  Changzamtog, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 1760 2142, 1711 7212, +975 2-335617



28. All Bhutan Connection

All Bhutan Connection

Among the best Bhutan travel tour operators All Bhutan Connection is also in them and provides the best ever experience in the Bhutan to roaming and enjoying the Bhutan kingdom with in exotic nature and history. One can easily book a travel package along with all necessity from the All Bhutan Connection.

Contact with All Bhutan Connection

Add:  JOJO’s Building, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975-17110866, +975-17110919, +975-2-327012/325165



29. Chhundu Travel and Tour

Chhundu Travel and Tour

Lots of Bhutan travel agencies have in and around Bhutan kingdom but Chhundu Travel and Tours are one of the famous and responsible travel agencies. Keeping in mind the clients demand Chhundu travel and Tours makes their packages with all basic formalities and necessity.

Contact with Chhundu Travels and Tours

Add:  Gatoen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at: +975-2-322592, 322547, +975-1711-2547


30. Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd.

Norbu Bhutan Travel

Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd. is fully organised and maintained travel company located in Bhutan. The company’s aims to offer the perfect suggestion to the guest by the Bhutan tour packages and also by their expert, experienced qualified guided and executives.

Contact with Norbu Bhutan Pvt. Ltd.

Add: Gongzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975-2-340151, 340152, 340153



31. Atlas Bhutan

Atlas Bhutan

Atlas Bhutan is one of the best tour operators in Bhutan which offers various ranges of Bhutan tour packages for the travellers. The company has huge experience and well qualified staffs those are very dedicated towards their work so never any travellers disappointed from Atlas Bhutan.

Contact with Atlas Bhutan

Add:  Norzin Lam (Lane), Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 2 325581, 325582, 3266241



32. Trophel Tours and Treks

Trophel Tours and Treks

If you search for Best Bhutan travel agency then you will see or a name appears on your screen that is Trophel Tours and Treks. It is company where tours treat us god so they never ignorance their god as result tours package to hotel booking every they do with a great care and respect so that their god never be disappointed from them.

Contact with Trophel Tours and Treks

Add:  Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 17743470



33. Bhutan Pelyab

Bhutan Pelyab

In the list of best travel agents in Bhutan, Bhutan Pelyad earn their position from the starting time to still they offers excellent travel related services for their unique services and excellent work they got the place and lots of travellers trust on them. So you can also try them for your Bhutan vacation.

Contact with Bhutan Pelyab

Add: Norzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975 – 1795 2136



34. Little Bhutan

Little Bhutan

If you looking for best travel agencies in Bhutan then Little Bhutan is also a great option for you. Little Bhutan is a team of young, dynamic and hard working people those are very serious to provide the best travel experience to the travellers in Bhutan.

Contact with Little Bhutan

Add:  Norzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Call at:  +975-233-3653



35. AD Tours and Travels

AD Tours and Travels

Ad Tours and Travels is dynamic and prestigious tour operators situated in Bhutan renders the all kind travel solution under their professional hand and also offers the best and ever services to the clients for that they can easily get a memorable tour in Bhutan kingdom.

Contact with Ad Tours and Travels

Add:  Zhung lam, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Call at:  +975-17351324, +975-77299034, +91- 7872254450