How to get to Bhutan from U.S.A

How to get to Bhutan from U.S.A


Bhutan is basically a small but a beautiful landlocked country in South Asia. The country is referred to by many names such as �The Land of the Thunder Dragon� and�The Last Shangrila� some mention Bhutan to be one of the happiest countries in the world other than that Bhutan is famous for its mystic monasteries and breathtaking sceneries The average distance from Bhutan to U.S.A is approximately 12,842km so by flight it would be a 14-hour journey. Bhutan has many fine travelling agencies, as well as some of the best travel agent in Bhutan who serve to cater all the needs and requirements of the tourists.there, are no direct flights to Bhutan from the U.S, therefore, you have to arrive at new Delhi first and from new Delhi you have to catch a flight to Paro international airport.

Day 1: Arrival at Paro International Airport, Paro, Bhutan-

After the immigration formalities and the collection of baggage, an agent will escort you to the Car rental service provided which will take the tourists from the airport to the designated hotel. Activities: Shopping local products and handicrafts in Yoser Lhamo Shop.

Day 2: Expedition to Taksang Dzong-

Bhutan is known for its beautiful monasteries and scenic beauty the Taktsang Dzong or also known as the tigers nest is one of the most famous monasteries in Bhutan. It is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Bhutan. Located on a hanging cliff it is definitely a sight of beauty for the foreigners. The temple is said to have been built on a sacred rock which was blessed by the 8th century Guru Rimpoche. A visit to the tigers nest will not only be a sight of beauty for the foreigners but it will also be a refreshment of the mind for them. Taktsang Dzong was opened in 1692 dedicated to their guru Padmasambhava. The elevation is about 10,232ft. It will take approximately an hour to reach tigers nest. In order to reach the top you have to climb 700 steps, this may be a bit challenging but the climb is worth every step.pony facility will be provided but it will take you only to the cafeteria. Trekking facilities are also provided by the travelling agencies for people who like an adventure for that a prior notice should be given to the agency and hence the tour guide will be provided. According to a legend guru Rinpoche arrived here at the monastery on the back of a tigress hence it is known as �the tigers nest� Location: A giant cliff about 900 meters above the Paro valley floor Activities: 3 days trek to tigers nest provided by the best tour operators in Bhutan.

Day 3: Visit to Punakha Dzong�

Known for its architectural beauty, it has a historical significance as it was the capital of Bhutan till the mid-1950�s. Apart from the architecture, it provides a beautiful scenic view of the mesmerising green hills and the distant Himalayas. The Punakha Dzong was previously damaged by earthquakes and disastrous fires but now is restored to its full beauty by the previous king. The Punakha festival held here is one of the most important religious festivals which provide an enriching historical background of the Bhutanese culture. Tourists from all over the world are drawn to this festival. Almost all the kings of Bhutan have been crowned here. Location: The Punakha Dzong is located in between the junction of the two rivers the Pho chhu and the Moh chhu Best visiting time: Mid May. Activities: Hike to Khamsun Yulley Namgyal, The Punakha Festival.

Day 4: Visit to Gangtey Valley-

Gangtey Valley is famous for its richness in biodiversity and the flora and fauna it has several species of endangered birds such as the wood snipe and the black-necked crane. Named after the Gangtey Monastery many festivals are held in the monastery during winters such as the mask dance festival and the crane festival these festivals attract an enormous number of foreign tourists. The valley is covered by snow during the winters. The valley is also very popular for trekking Location: Wangdue Phodrang District, Gangtey, Bhutan Activites: trekking provided by tour operators in the valley, Crane festival and Masked dance festival Best visiting time: in between late October and mid-February.

Day 5: Departure-

After breakfast, the cab driver will drive you to Paro international airport and from there you will be flying to New Delhi and from New Delhi, you will board the flight to New York USA according to the scheduled timings of the flight. Air India airlines provide non-stop flights to USA. And it is a little less expensive also so it is advisable if you book from one of these airlines.

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