A Handy Guide to Explore Bhutan’s Culture and Its Uniqueness

A Handy Guide to Explore Bhutan’s Culture and Its Uniqueness


Money and infrastructure may determine how successful a country is, but only its culture determines how blissful it is!

Skyscrapers may be good for eyes, but dances, food etc are what we need to satisfy our soul & hearts. And when we talk about a rich culture & tradition, Bhutan has to be the first place we mention.

A serene place which has serene monasteries, lush green valleys, and Rocky Mountains holds a lot more than what meets the eye.

And the most interesting part of Bhutan is the governments determination to preserve their cultural values.

This is why people can still see its essence in every corner of the country.

Let’s Have a Look to Know All About Bhutan’s Culture!!

1. Religion Of Bhutan

Bhutan is dominated by Buddhism and Bhutanese live by their religious values. Hence, there is no exception of monasteries, chortens, Lhakhangs etc in the country. In common families, a small morsel is kept on the floor as an offering to deities before eating.

So, you can easily assume that religion plays a very important role in deciding the lifestyle of people.

2. Birth, Marriage And Death In Bhutan

Birth, Marriage And Death In Bhutan

3. Festivals Of Bhutan


Festivals are an integral part of a unique culture of Bhutan which is known as Tsechu. All the festivals fall on a particular day of a Lunar month like the 10th day of 2nd Lunar month.

It is generally held in a Dzong, where people from the entire district gather together in harmony to be a part of a mass celebration.

Moreover, masked dances are the major attraction of a Tshechu.

4. Traditional Dress Of Bhutan

The traditional dresses of Bhutan are ‘Gho’ for men and ‘Kira’ for women. These dresses are made up of cotton, wool, and silk.

5. Delicious Food Of Bhutan

One of the most ultimate things about Bhutan culture is its simplicity. So, it does not come out as a surprise that its mouthwatering cuisine also reflects the same thing.

Ema Datshi is the national dish of Bhutan. It usually consists of spicy chilies and cheese. Traditionally, food cooked in earthenware and is eaten with hands, by sitting cross-legged on floor.

6. Music And Dances Of Bhutan

The music and dance forms of Bhutan, which are primarily inspired from religion, are part of every festival in the country.

Cham dances, or masked dances, are the national forms of dancing. Some of the most popular cham dances are-

  • Joenpa Legso
  • Drametse Nga Cham
  • Pa Cham etc.

So amazing, right? Want to indulge in the Bhutan’s traditions? If yes, you should go for cultural tour in Bhutan with your family as soon as possible.

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Bhutanese culture is one of the very few cultures in the world that is a source of pride for each and every citizen. Each day sees its people working hard to preserve the values. Therefore, it leaves an impact on every individual who wanders through the country.

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