A Travel Guide to Visit Bhutan on Budget

A Travel Guide to Visit Bhutan on Budget


The Kingdom of Bhutan is considered the most intriguing and serene land on earth nestled on the lap of the Himalayas. The breath-taking view of the Himalayas, stunning valleys, majestic mountain terrain, the lush greenery, criss-cross of rivers, and influence of Buddhism altogether associate Bhutan to a `Paradise for travelers. Bhutan is regarded as a top tourist hotspot with its reflective growing popularity. A large number of tourists are attracted throughout the year to explore its natural and man-made wonders. However, with an appropriate plan and right budget, one can lively embrace the `Thunder Kingdom- Bhutan.

Few Essential Points to Consider For A Budget Trip to Bhutan:

Planning your trip nowadays is in your fingertips i.e., your mobile phones. Scroll down the list of various travel agents in Bhutan and then get hold of a reliable tour operator. The best thing about consulting a travel agent is that they provide you an affordable customised package tour to Bhutan. 1. Coming to accommodation, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still find a place that won`t cost too expensive. A budget hotel or otherwise called a lodge may often provide you a well-furnished room that may have mattresses, fluorescent light, a chair, table, ceiling fan along with attached bathrooms. Hotels like City centers, the Clock Tower and Town Square in Bhutan thus provides an option of few budget hotels in Bhutan. 2. Bhutan is often addressed as the `little kingdom of Asia, yet it arguably has innumerable tourist attraction places that will keep you spell-bound. Although Bhutan tour package itinerary will assist you through all the sightseeing places in the town one can also accommodate public transportation such as coaster buses and cars or even take pleasure of the delightful walk along the riverside and some of the monasteries and dzongs. Some of the tourist attraction places in Bhutan include-

3. Chele La Pass, Paro:

 One of the famous tourist places to see in Bhutan is the Chele La Pass in Paro. Located at an altitude of about 3,989 m, it is a huge pass which offers a panoramic view of the valleys, drifting clouds, spouting waterfalls, and alpine flowers.

4. Dochula Pass:

 Dochula Pass is a beautiful pass built in the memory of many Bhutanese soldiers who died in the war. This place delivers a picturesque view of the sacred Himalayan Peak, Druk Wangyel Lhakhang temple and Chomolhari.

5. Phobjikha:

 Phobjikha is a small town in Bhutan well-known for its alluring landscapes and passes. A day`s hike through its stunning valleys can take you to witness its beautiful greenery and views of the birds. 6. Besides enjoying the sightseeing, you must also realize your stomach craves. Now since you are in Bhutan, do not be surprised with the Bhutanese spicy touch. The people here love everything spicy and trying out their famous cuisine `ema-datshi is a must to accomplish your trip. 7. You can also merge in their colorful and exciting festivals and be a part of their cultural rituals. The famous mask dance performed by the monks during `Tshechu festival should be labeled top on your travel guide.

Time to Visit Bhutan:

 Bhutan is some of the alluring places which can be visited throughout year. Due to its vast variations in the altitude, weather pattern can be divided as follows: The southern border region of Bhutan is adversely affected during late June to late September due to heavy rain and humidity.

  • The land delivers a bright and sunny aura during early October to late November. Early snowfall is also witnessed at higher elevations.
  • Winter sets in Bhutan during the late November to March. Overnight temperature drops below zero in Paro, Thimpu and Bumthang.
  • Bhutan offers a pleasant climate in its spring i.e., early March to mid April.
  • The land of Thunder Dragon witnesses occasional rainfall during summers i.e., mid April to late June.

Entering Bhutan:

Apart from the citizens of India, Bangladesh, and Maldives, visitors from other countries need to apply for the visa and pay in advance from the registered tour operators and not the embassies. Bhutan proves to be the cheapest international tourist destination for Indians. Bhutan government is highly reserved regarding the entry of outside visitors and this is because the minimum price of tours is already set by the government to control tourism and protect the environment.

Bhutan Tour Agencies:

Bhutan tourism package is designed to make the Bhutan tours an unforgettable experience. The best tour operators in Bhutan with their preferred websites are readily available to provide assistance throughout your journey. We can suggest you with a few travel agencies with which you can plan an exotic and customized holiday. RS Travels, Utkarsh Travels, Travel & Living Bhutan, Simran holidays are a few travel agencies that can comfort you in your best Bhutan exploration.

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